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Since I am always writing short pieces for various organisations I thought it was about time I reproduced these on my website.

Homeopathy and EFT for February 2020

Well I am pleased to say we have not had much of a Winter so far and in fact some days it has been quite mild. The question is will we get away without snow this year?

So what’s special about February? Well Valentine’s Day of course and my birthday – both on the same day!
Valentine’s Day may not be so good for some people – those who are on their own. How would we look at this homeopathically? Often as a feeling of loneliness abandonment or isolation.

One of many remedies for this condition is Pulsatilla.
From Sankaran we read :- In order to get the affection she needs, she herself can be very affectionate and caring. She can weep easily, is sympathetic. If she is not able to get what she seeks, she feels extremely forsaken, as if alone in the world. The patients are always ameliorated by weeping and from consolation even though sometimes they can also have silent grief.
They love butter and warm rooms but always want a window open to get the fresh air that they crave. The other interesting thing about people who need this remedy is the word changeability. This can be found in their moods, their indecision and pains that wander all over the body.

EFT tapping may also help alleviate these types of feelings. However before I give you a routine to try do spend a minute or two listening to what the BBC had to say about this therapy at

Set Up- using the karate chop point
Although it’s Valentines Day and no one remembered me I truly love and accept myself anyway
Although it’s Valentine’s Day and I am feeling lonely and unloved I truly love and accept myself anyway
Although it’s Valentine’s Day and everyone is out there enjoying themselves I truly love and accept myself anyway

Now tapping on the usual points ((See my website and You Tube videos if you are not
familiar with these.) First a negative round:-

I’ve been dreading Valentine’s today

I am all on my own

Everyone except me looks happy

There is no one to send me a card

There is no one to buy me a present

The dreaded day has arrived

I’m feeling so lonely

It’s Valentine’s Day
Take a deep breath and let it all out!

Now a positive round

My goodness it is only 1 day of the year

It’ll be gone tomorrow

I’d rather curl up in the warm with a book/TV/my dog/cat

It’s just another day

I’ll phone my friend and chat

She’ll be so pleased to hear from me

That’ll be my good deed of the day

It is only one day of the year
Take a deep breath and let it all out.
Do change my words to suit your circumstances as the tapping will work even better then 

Have a great month, keep warm and if you get Hay Fever remember to see me to give you a constitutional remedy to minimise your symptoms this year.

I am having a lot of success with Matrix Reimprinting – an offshoot of EFT tapping for any problem which has been caused from a trauma in the past. If you would like to try it do contact me via my website for an appointment.

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The best place to find information regarding homeopathy in the UK on the web is probably Homeopathy Home. It contains an inexhaustible amount of links, reading, medical papers, qualified homeopathic practitioners in your area and all the up-to-date information regarding the world of homeopathic therapy that you could need.

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