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Since I am always writing short pieces for various organisations I thought it was about time I reproduced these on my website.

Homeopathy for March '20

Well today is very bright and sunny but the temperature is only 7 deg, colder than this time last year. We’ve had our fill of rain and storms but hardly any frost and no snow. I hope it is not yet to come.

The usual winter flu has been overtaking with the panic and hype about Corona virus – now relabelled COVID-19 - which quite frankly is a mild disease in most people but can be critical in the immune suppressive person, those with other diseases, the undernourished and the elderly. The difference is that it is far more contagious than a usual flu and you are definitely not protected by the current flu vaccination programme.

So what can you do about protecting yourself? The government has given some very good advice , so follow it and also make sure you build up your immune system with healthy eating, exercising and maybe even take good old Echinacea or Sambuccol for a couple of weeks. Any more than two weeks will not build up any more immunity. If you wish to repeat in a month or two that's fine.

There are a few recommended homeopathic remedies that have been tried in some countries and found to help or shorten this brand new virus.. Which ones would be right for you would depend on your particular symptoms as not everyone experiences the virus in the same way. However the quicker you get the correct remedy down you the faster you should recover.

I would like to point out that if you have the current cold with a runny nose and sneezing, doing a lot of nose blowing (like I had a couple of weeks ago) this is not the COVID-19 which initially presents as a dry cough, dry throat and tiredness which may or may not have a fever and no nose blowing.

In case you have a homeopathic kit here are some flu remedies but note the COVID-19 virus would demand a different protocol and mixture of remedies so consult me if needed.

Arsenicum – Chilliness, restlessness, tiredness, anxiety and fear of death. Burning pains that feel better from heat!! Constantly sipping cold water. Sensation of ice water or boiling water through veins.

China – Continued feeling that they are not well. Chilly, pale and weak. Worse alternate days. That sensitive to touch feeling. Arms and legs feel weary and need to be stretched .

Drosera – the cough that goes on and on once it starts- like a whooping cough Retching at the end of a spasm. Worse at night.

Eupat. Perf – flu with bone pain and thirst

Gelsemium – That flu hangs on, won’t go away. They are not exactly ill but not well either. Chilly with heat and chills. Weakness and heaviness of arms, legs and eyes.

Pulsatilla – Chilly in a warm room but wants the windows open for fresh air. Worse in a closed room. Sweats in the morning. Weepy. Better for being out of doors and walking slowly. Dry cough at night on lying down but stops when sat up.

Sulphur – Partially recovers and then relapses again. Flushes of heat. Worse from washing and bathing. Heat at the top of the head with cold feet but burning soles at night which must be stuck out of the bed. Starving hungry at 11 a.m. Starting from bad dreams at night.
You can always contact me for a consultation to find out which remedy would be best for you for any virus and if necessary I will deliver it locally and leave outside your door!!!!

Have a great month, keep warm and if you get Hay Fever remember to see me to give you a constitutional remedy to minimise your symptoms this year.

I am having a lot of success with Matrix Reimprinting – an offshoot of EFT tapping for any problem which has been caused from a trauma in the past. If you would like to try it do contact me via my website for an appointment.

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Useful Websites & Further Reading

There are literally thousands of books available on homeopathy available nowadays and any large bookshop should have a fair selection. Amazon is a useful website, there you can read reviews of books written by people who have read the books in question.

Some of the books that you may find useful as a newcomer to homeopathy include:

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The best place to find information regarding homeopathy in the UK on the web is probably Homeopathy Home. It contains an inexhaustible amount of links, reading, medical papers, qualified homeopathic practitioners in your area and all the up-to-date information regarding the world of homeopathic therapy that you could need.

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