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Since I am always writing short pieces for various organisations I thought it was about time I reproduced these on my website.

Homeopathy and EFT for July and August '21
Many people are complaining about post Covid symptoms. If you are suffering with this do get in touch as there are remedies which may help these symptoms.
This weekend is a scorcher with the promise of more to come so I give you:-
Homeopathy for the Hot Weather.
The heat in summer can be dangerous and the first clue there is something up is often a headache. It is so important to keep hydrated but some people never learn. It is even possible to stave off an impending headache with a large glass of water.

Hot Weather Homeopathic Remedies for Headaches

Belladonna - This has to be No.1 for heat. Red face, dilated pupils, a throbbing headache, radiating heat with little or no sweat. A cold compress to the head may feel the most soothing.

Bryonia – This one is for a headache which is worse for moving around. You have lie down and stay motionless.

Lachesis - Hot flushes, hot sweats, hot heavy headaches and the fatigue that follows the heat

But what if you get burnt? Tepid rather than cold water is best to start and then:-

Cantharis: a dose or two can ease the pain and minimize the blistering of the skin when it is relieved by cool applications

Urtica urens – No. 1 remedy for pain and itch relief from prickly heat to sunburn with intense burning, itching and red blotches. Itchy is the key word here.

Top 4 remedies for hay fever

Hay fever can be so distressing for a lot of people. The best time to begin to treat it is the Autumn before, by seeing a local homeopath to find your constitutional remedy. If this can be found then next Spring your Hay Fever will be much easier to manage and in subsequent years should go away completely. If you see a homeopath when you actually get the symptoms then the symptoms themselves will be treated but it won’t go away completely. When the symptoms arrive you take a pillule and retake when the symptom returns.

If one of the following remedies fits your symptoms, you might get relief by taking it. There is also a combo remedy which can be found in health food shops and maybe Boots which contains a few remedies in it and if your symptoms fit one of those remedies it is your lucky day!!

Allium cepa, will have symptoms like the way some people feel when chopping onions. The eyes water and the tears flow like a tap but don’t irritate. It is bland. The nose also runs profusely but this discharge is burning, causing a raw, redness under the nose and upper lip, often with frequent sneezing. Hoarseness and tickling of the throat may be present with a hacking cough.
Euphrasia is in some ways the opposite of Allium Cepa in that the tears and eye discharges are burning, but any nasal discharge is bland . Sufferers often say that there is a sensation of sand in the eye. The eyelids margins are often swollen and itchy, and the corners of the eyes are red.

Sabadilla, is often needed for people if they have violent sneezing episodes with a runny, stuffy, itchy, and/or tingly nose. They may have severe headaches with cold sweats on the forehead, bursting pain above the eyes, and watering, tearing, red, burning eyes. It may hurt to poke out their tongue!!

Wyethia is characterised by the roof of the mouth and throat (soft palate) itching intensely, causing the person to try to scratch it with their tongue. A need to clear the throat is common. There want to constantly swallow to relieve the dryness in their throat.

Have a great summer stay safe, remember we are not clear of COVID19 yet. Let’s hope the sun continues to shine brightly and give us the protective Vit D3 we all need!! Please continue social distancing to keep you and everyone around you safe.

I am having a lot of success with Matrix Reimprinting – an offshoot of EFT tapping for any problem which has been caused from a trauma in the past. If you would like to try it do contact me via my website for an appointment. EFT tapping is proving a Godsend for those with anxiety from the virus. Do contact me if you think I can help you.

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Useful Websites & Further Reading

There are literally thousands of books available on homeopathy available nowadays and any large bookshop should have a fair selection. Amazon is a useful website, there you can read reviews of books written by people who have read the books in question.

Some of the books that you may find useful as a newcomer to homeopathy include:

"Homeopathy" by Phyllis Speight
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"Homeopathic Remedies for Women's Ailments" by Phyllis Speight
"Complete Homeopathy" by Miranda Castro
"Handbook of Homeopathic Alternatives to Immunization" by Susan Curtis

The best place to find information regarding homeopathy in the UK on the web is probably Homeopathy Home. It contains an inexhaustible amount of links, reading, medical papers, qualified homeopathic practitioners in your area and all the up-to-date information regarding the world of homeopathic therapy that you could need.

You may also wish to have a look at other useful sites, including those belonging to the governing bodies in the world of homeopathy:

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