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Please suck the remedy you have been given or leave under the tongue to dissolve. Try not to touch the remedy with your fingers but remove it from the envelope with a spoon or pour into the vial cap and transfer to your mouth from that. It will taste sweet. Do not eat, drink, or smoke for about 20 minutes either side of taking the remedy.

During homeopathic treatment please avoid the use of coffee, mints (use a fruit chewing gum and a natural toothpaste available at the larger supermarkets and health food shops), anything containing camphor, menthol and eucalyptus, like Vick's, Olbas oil, medicated cough sweets etc. Also avoid some aromatherapy products and recreational drugs e.g. cannabis. These may all antidote the remedy in susceptible people.


How to Take Remedies & Glossary. beeflower

Patients often ask what will happen after they have taken the remedy. The answer is that every one is an individual so everyone will have an individual reaction. A common reaction is a couple of days of heaviness, or tiredness before returning to the usual or increased energy. Some patients may experience what some books call an aggravation, but this can just be a sneeze or noticed at all. Sometimes a discharge may occur in the form of a “funny” cold, or diarrhoea. This is a good sign and shows that the remedy is working to discharge the toxins from the body.


How to Take Remedies & Glossary. glossarypic

Remedy: A Homeopathic medicine.

Potency : The dilution of the remedy.

Similimum : The substance which, during proving, generates a set of
symptoms similar to a sick individual’s totality of symptoms.

Proving : The procedure for ascertaining the effects of substances
by administering them to healthy human subjects, then observing and
recording the consequent mental, emotional and physical changes.

Symptom : The way an individual, feels or sees things. This can be
emotional, metal, spiritual, general or physical.

Totality of Symptoms : The complete set of emotional, mental, and
physical manifestations of an individual’s illness or disease

Dynamization : Reducing the volume and increasing the effectiveness
of a medicinal substance by repeated dilution with succussion.

Succussion : Violent shaking with impact applied during dynamization
of remedies. Hahnermann suggested 10 successions by banging the phial on a
leather bound Bible.

Samuel Hahnemann : The founder of classical homœopathy. His book
“The Organon” is the Bible of Classical Homœopathy.

Materia Medica : Books containing all the symptoms of a remedies.

Repertory : An index of symptoms of the remedies, the original and
most famous was compiled by Kent.

Minimum Dose : The smallest amount of a similimum that will result
in the most efficient healing with the least aggravation.

Law of Similars : The principle that “like cures like” upon which
all Homeopathic treatment is based.

Holistic : Looking at the whole person

Allopathic : Looking at the disease only as a GP does.

Hering’s Law : The disease is eradicated from the body from the
inside to the outside, from the top to the bottom of the body, from a more important organ to a less important one.


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