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Since I am always writing short pieces for various organisations I thought it was about time I reproduced these on my website.

Homeopathy for the Festive Season 2018

While the festive season undoubtedly brings cheer and goodwill, the stocking fillers can often be the unwanted after effects of over-indulgence and too much partying. It’s also important to have fun – with a little holistic help for the ailments that come after.

In a survey, an average of 19 per cent (just under a fifth) of the UK workforce admitted they had taken time off for a hangover-induced sickie (1). A particular favourite with my patients is the homeopathic remedy Nux vomica, which many people use to help with the symptoms of a hangover. We all know it’s not healthy to drink too much alcohol, but from time to time, we do it anyway. Nux vomica works in most cases, no need to take time off work!

Homeopathic remedies are always prescribed according to a specific set of symptoms, and in most cases, different people will need different remedies for the same ailment, because their symptoms and how they experience them, will differ. However in the case of Nux vomica, it perfectly fits the symptoms of a hangover in most people.

For long standing or chronic ailments, it’s important to see a practitioner, but there are other homeopathic remedies which might help with minor symptoms of over indulgence over the festive period:

Nux vomica This is known as “the hangover” remedy but can also be used for the general symptoms of over-indulgence. Symptoms include heartburn, indigestion, and nausea, a headache, sensitivity to noise and light, and irritability. Particularly suits people who tend to burn the candle at both ends,who keep going with coffee and feel the cold.

Arsenicum This remedy comes into play when the symptoms are like that of food poisoning, with vomiting and diarrhoea, loss of colour in the face and anxiety. It could also be used when the diarrhoea is anxiety-induced, worse at night with burning in the stomach and a desire to sip water. It suits restless people who are fearful worriers, need to plan and feel the cold.

Sulphur Symptoms include offensive diarrhoea which drives the patient from bed in the morning, excessive sweating, and burning feet. Suits stubborn people who need praise, worry about their health, can be peevish with lots of big ideas they find difficult to actualise. They crave sugar and spicy food.

Lycopodium Symptoms include bloating with wind, a huge appetite, and waking as if from a fright. There is heartburn with sour burping. It suits fearful people lacking in confidence who don’t like undertaking new news. But can be bragging and assertive at home.

ArnicaThis is a great remedy to help with bruising and that “battered” feeling you get after last-minute Christmas shopping or bargain hunting in the January sales.

Tips for Autumn- October/November 2018

I am still not sure what the weather is doing. One week it's like winter and the heating is on and the next we are back to turning the heating off. I am finding it difficult to cope , how about you? I have to admit I have only just taken the rest of my green tomatoes in to ripen. I have had a bumper crop of red sweet ones this year. I am being asked already about flu prevention from those who do not wish to have a flu jab. I have patients who swear by Influenzum monthly for prevention but personally I prefer to treat a condition when it arises rather than use preventative homeopathy.

Do you ever wonder why some people get the flu and others don’t? It is all to do with susceptibility. So you might ask how do I decrease my susceptibility to flu and other winter bugs? Build up your immune system is the answer. Some people swear by Echinacea. I normally recommend just a fortnight’s use and then stop as it has been found that the effects wear off if you take it all the time. You can always restart it if you get ill or even every couple of months. Vitamin C is also important for the immune system and this you can continue. Personally because I have a good diet – plenty of fruit and veg- I only take it when I get a cold. I tend to take 3-4 grams a day although you can take much more. It is not a Vitamin that your body stores. Your body will tell you if you take too much with copious soft bowel movements as it eliminates the excess you have taken.
Vitamin D – the sunshine vitamin - is one I take all year round but more in the Winter. It must be D3 – the natural one, not the cheap D2 which apparently is useless.

What about those people who suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and feel they just want to hibernate for the winter? If you are one of them I suggest you rent a Light Box for a couple weeks to see if this works for you before you go out and buy. There is a company in Southport that does this. We also have the homeopathic remedy Sol that can be tried. I think EFT tapping would be useful here focusing on the fact that Winter is not for ever as Summer is always around the corner. Have a look at this video for more information:-

Halloween – I always make up a big bag of unsalted, unsweetened popcorn and ladle it into the plastic bags the kids carry with them for their goodies when they go door to door. This is a much healthier and cheaper option than sweets. I buy the dried popcorn and cook it up from scratch.

Bonfire night and your pets.
I have decided to include this tip this month to give you a chance of getting stocked up with the remedy. Pets who get scared of fireworks and other noises really appreciate a dose of Aconite 30 which stops the fear. Either pop a pillule in their mouth between the lower lip and teeth or pop a couple in their drinking water. Works a treat.

September 2018
What is the weather doing and where is this warm spell continuing into September and October I was looking forward to? All I know is that I still have loads of green tomatoes in my garden waiting for the sun to ripen them!! However the courgettes are doing well with the rain!

I thought this month we could look at some joint complaints – particularly those which are worse from the cold, damp and changeable weather. There are actually 68 remedies in my homeopathic software for conditions that are aggravated in the Autumn. Further down I have written about what to do for children who don't want to go back to school!!!!

Dulcamara: This is one of the main remedies for complaints due to changeable weather especially when you have warmish (hopefully!!) days and cold (hopefully not!!) nights towards the close of summer. It is particularly useful for ailments that are worse from the damp. The joint problem which appear in damp weather are worse from every cold change and somewhat relieved by moving about. Rheumatism may alternate with diarrhoea. The feet are icy cold, worse, at night; from cold in general, damp, rainy weather. The aches are better from moving about and warm application like a hot water bottle.

Rhus Tox: Pains and stiffness is the main indication for this remedy. This occurs after resting as the person gets up in the morning or even gets up from a chair. It is better for moving but if you overdo it the pain will be back. I often recommend that the elderly take a Rhus Tox 6 before bed to help them get over the stiffness in the morning. It is worse for the cold, damp weather and at night. There may be numbness and a crawling sensation, after overwork and exposure to the cold and also a tingling feeling in the feet.

Bryonia: There is pain in every muscle and joints which gets worse on moving so the person wants to keep the part affected perfectly still

Back to School
I would like to mention a very good Bach Flower Remedy for those children who start crying or start with a tummy ache in the morning because they don’t want to go to school. This often happens at the beginning of term and Mimulus works great for this. Pop 4 drops into their water bottle. Find it in Boots or a Health Food shop.

Homeopathy for August '18

Well at last we have some hot weather and whats more rumour has it that it is going to last until October - if only!! I have even heard people complaining about it!! Drink a lot of water to keep hydrated is the way to go.

I was a little reluctant to write about this topic as I wondered if I would be tempting fate and Winter would come back again but here goes!
The heat in summer can be dangerous and the first clue there is something up is often a headache. It is so important to keep hydrated but some people never learn. It is even possible to stave off an impending headache with a large glass of water.

Hot Weather Homeopathic Remedies for Headaches

- This has to be No.1 for heat. Red face, dilated pupils, a throbbing headache, radiating heat with little or no sweat. A cold compress to the head may feel the most soothing.

Bryonia – This one is for a headache which is worse for moving around. You have lie down and stay motionless.

Lachesis - Hot flushes, hot sweats, hot heavy headaches and the fatigue that follows the heat

But what if you get burnt? Tepid rather than cold water is best to start and then:-

Cantharis: a dose or two can ease the pain and minimize the blistering of the skin when it is relieved by cool applications

Urtica urens – No. 1 remedy for pain and itch relief from prickly heat to sunburn with intense burning, itching and red blotches. Itchy is the key word here.

Have a great summer.

Below is the piece I wrote for Encouraging Times for June 2013.

Homeopathy for the Outdoors

No 1 remedy as usual has to be Arnica. You need to carry this with you wherever you go. This is the remedy for shock and bruising if someone has a bad fall. Never use the cream for an open wound as it might cause an irritation.

Insect bites and stings – if it is an animal which punctures and the place where the bite has occurred is cold to touch and relieved with a cold pack Ledum is your remedy. There is often a bluish tinge to the skin. It is No 1 remedy for Ticks to reduce the possibility of Lymes disease

If a bite or bee sting causes puffy, tender swelling that is pink or red and hot to the touch, Apis may be helpful. The area stings and burns, and cold applications bring relief. This remedy is also useful for anaphylactic shock on the way to the hospital if no Epipen is available.

Cantharis may be indicated if a bite or sting results in intensely burning, scalding pain. The area of inflammation is red, and blisters may develop. This is the remedy to keep in the house for burns

HyperCal cream is another first aid remedy that should be in every household and is used to heal the skin and stop pain from nerve endings from a cut or abrasion.

Reddish blotches that burn and itch intensely (like a nettle sting) after insect bites may be relieved with Urtica Urens. It is also the remedy for hives and allergic reactions on the skin that sting and itch

Lastly a good one to know is the plantain leaf which grows all over the place. Squash it up well or chew it in the mouth and then apply and rub on the bite and low and behold instant relief. Works well on bite from flying things in the garden!!

Homeopathy for March '18
Well at least the snow has gone and today 5th March it is 7 degrees which is a definite improvement!! Let's hope that Spring is on the way.

This winter’s flu has been a nasty one with no one homeopathic remedy coming out top and what’s more it has left people with a cough that just won’t go away. So this month I thought I would give you a few remedies to try if that flu just won’t go away for good. ( Adapted from Pointers to the Common Remedies – Tyler)

Arsenicum – Chilliness, restlessness, tiredness, anxiety and fear of death. Burning pains that feel better from heat!! Constantly sipping cold water. Sensation of ice water or boiling water through veins.

China – Continued feeling that they are not well. Chilly, pale and weak. Worse alternate days. That sensitive to touch feeling. Arms and legs feel weary and need to be stretched .

Drosera – the cough that goes on and on once it starts- like a whooping cough Retching at the end of a spasm. Worse at night.

Gelsemium – That flu hangs on, won’t go away. They are not exactly ill but not well either. Chilly with heat and chills. Weakness and heaviness of arms, legs and eyes.

Pulsatilla – Chilly in a warm room but wants the windows open for fresh air. Worse in a closed room. Sweats in the morning. Weepy. Better for being out of doors and walking slowly. Dry cough at night on lying down but stops when sat up.

Sulphur – Partially recovers and then relapses again. Flushes of heat. Worse from washing and bathing. Heat at the top of the head with cold feet but burning soles at night which must be stuck out of the bed. Starving hungry at 11 a.m. Starting from bad dreams at night.

You can always contact me for a consultation to find out which remedy would be best for you.

Homeopathy and EFT for February 2018

What’s special about February? Well Valentine’s Day of course and my birthday – both on the same day!
Valentine’s Day may not be so good for some people – those who are on their own. How would we look at this homeopathically? Often as a feeling of loneliness abandonment or isolation.

One of many remedies for this condition is Pulsatilla.
From Sankaran we read :- In order to get the affection she needs, she herself can be very affectionate and caring. She can weep easily, is sympathetic. If she is not able to get what she seeks, she feels extremely forsaken, as if alone in the world. The patients are always ameliorated by weeping and from consolation even though sometimes they can also have silent grief.
They love butter and warm rooms but always want a window open to get the fresh air that they crave. The other interesting thing about people who need this remedy is the word changeability. This can be found in their moods, their indecision and pains that wander all over the body.

EFT tapping may also help alleviate these types of feelings. However before I give you a routine to try do spend a minute or two listening to what the BBC had to say about this therapy at

Set Up- using the karate chop point
Although it’s Valentines Day and no one remembered me I truly love and accept myself anyway
Although it’s Valentine’s Day and I am feeling lonely and unloved I truly love and accept myself anyway
Although it’s Valentine’s Day and everyone is out there enjoying themselves I truly love and accept myself anyway

Now tapping on the usual points ((See my website and You Tube videos if you are not
familiar with these.) First a negative round:-

I’ve been dreading Valentine’s today

I am all on my own

Everyone except me looks happy

There is no one to send me a card

There is no one to buy me a present

The dreaded day has arrived

I’m feeling so lonely

It’s Valentine’s Day
Take a deep breath and let it all out!

Now a positive round

My goodness it is only 1 day of the year

It’ll be gone tomorrow

I’d rather curl up in the warm with a book/TV/my dog/cat

It’s just another day

I’ll phone my friend and chat

She’ll be so pleased to hear from me

That’ll be my good deed of the day

It is only one day of the year
Take a deep breath and let it all out.
Do change my words to suit your circumstances as the tapping will work even better then 

Have a great month, keep warm and if you have Hay Fever remember to see your homeopath to give you a constitutional remedy to minimise your symptoms this year.

Homeopathy for the Summer season

Hay fever – one of the best ways to avoid it is to take a teaspoon of local honey a day. This works on the homeopathic principle that ‘Like cures Like’. Homeopathic constitutional treatment may make Hay Fever appear weaker and weaker every year if started in the Autumn when the Hay Fever season is over.

The main remedies I tend to give out for acute Hay fever and their indications are as follows:-

Allium Cepa
Begins by sneezing, with increasing frequency. Watery discharge drips from nose and burns the lips and wings of nose. The watering of the eyes does not burn. Every year in August in the morning there is catarrh with violent sneezing. Very sensitive to the smell of flowers and skin of peaches.

Yes it’s the onion!! Think what happens when you peel one, your eyes water!!

Euphrasia – This remedy has the opposite symptoms to Allium Cepa i.e. Profuse burning watery eyes and profuse bland catarrh. It is a short-acting remedy. Eyes are worse open air and the wind.

I often make up a very weak solution of the tincture to use as eye drops for patients whose eyes feel as if they have sand in them. They tell me it is miraculous!!

Wyethia Peculiar itching in roof of mouth. For relief the patient must draw his tongue back and forth over the soft palate

I believe the combo homeopathic remedy Pollena for Hay Fever also works well for some people.

The best thing to do is to avoid it by keeping covered and if you do get burnt use Aloe Vera gel to relieve it.

Belladonna is a fantastic remedy for sunburn and heatstroke. Actually any ailments
from being out in the sun for too long can respond well to a dose of Belladonna,
especially throbbing headaches, redness and heat.

For stinging blistering sunburn- the bad type. It stops the pain.
Oh yes – we use animal remedies in homeopathy!!

Bites and stings
Apis Melifica
Apis works well on any insect bite or sting which swells up and is red and hot.
This remedy is also used for allergic reactions which have these same symptoms

Another important remedy in bites and stings but those with a puncture wounds like mosquitos. The symptoms are different than above as the wound feels cold not hot!!
Use for puncture wounds such as stepping on a nail.

General First Aid Remedies
In the cream this is essential for healing any cuts and grazes very quickly. Just make sure they are clean first so the dirt doesn’t get trapped under the skin as it heals.

Who would be without this king of kings remedy, a must for all falls, bruising and shock. You can stand there and watch the swelling go down if you give it fast enough. You can buy it in a cream but make sure it is not applied to broken skin.

Homeopathy for May '17

Are we in Spring now? Well the evenings are lighter as I have noticed when I go to the gym at 6pm for my various classes. This week it has definitely been a case of 1 day nice the next horrid so in the usual UK manner we never know where we are with the weather.

I have had my first client for Hay fever symptoms. An easy one I would like to say as there is only one remedy with an itchy roof of the mouth and that is Wyethia. Most people fall into the following categories:-

Allium Cepa - Eyes very watery. Nose very runny/watery - often on one side only. Sneezing, watering eyes and runny nose may be worse in a warm room. Nose feels irritated but the watery eyes do not.

Euphrasia - Eyes water and burn/irritate. Nose is very runny but does not irritate or burn. Throat may feel sore/burn. Eyes sensitive to bright light. Eyes more watery in the wind.
Euphrasia eye drops are something I always make up for my patient. 1 drop of tincture in 10mls cooled boiled water really relieves those burning itchy eyes that feel as if they have sand in them.

I will write about other remedies as the summer progresses but I also have Mixed grasses and Shrubs and Trees in homeopathic potencies for those who know where their hay fever comes from.

Homeopathic Treatment of diseases arising occurring every spring, worse in the spring or starting in Spring.

Boils, ringworm, herpes simplex and other skin eruptions can be successfully treated with Lachesis, Sulphur, Belladonna, Sepia, and Natrum Sulphuricum

Fevers can be successfully treated with Lachesis, Bryonia, and Gelsenium.

Asthma can be successfully treated with Aralia Racemosa and Pulsatilla

Allergic Rhinitis/Sinusitis can be successfully treated with Gelsenium, Allium-Cepa, Arsenicum, Sabadilla, and Sangunaria.

Dysenterycan be successfully treated with Kali Bichromate.

Toothache can be successfully treated with Lachesis, Belladonna, Sepia, and Bryonia.

Gastric troubles can be successfully treated with Lycopodium, Chelidonium, Natrum Sulphuricum, and Pulsatilla.

If you have one of these above complaints I suggest you see your local homeopath who will decide which of the remedies above would be the correct one for you.

I am having a lot of success with Matrix Reimprinting – an offshoot of EFT tapping for any problem which has been caused from a trauma in the past. If you would like to try it do contact me via my website for an appointment.

Back to School
I would like to mention a very good Bach Flower Remedy for those children who start crying or start with a tummy ache in the morning because they don’t want to go to school. This often happens at the beginning of term and Mimulus works great for this. Pop 4 drops into their water bottle. Find it in Boots or a Health Food shop.

Homeopathy and EFT for June

Are we near summer yet. We have had a sort spell of warm weather but now it has gone cold again and didn’t we have a typical Bank Holiday weather!!

It is Homeopathic Awareness June 14th – 21st. You will find me in various places including Birkdale village, Southport, giving out leaflets from the Society of Homeopaths on this year’s theme which is the skin. “Feel Good Inside and Out” is the message.
From a press release which will be going out about it is the following:-

”Homeopathic philosophy approaches skin disorders in a holistic way, not just looking at the skin symptoms in isolation. Professional homeopaths will not necessarily prescribe topical creams or even homeopathic medicines directed towards skin conditions alone but instead will spend a great deal of time exploring all aspects of an individual looking at how the body is functioning as a whole, including the impact of physical and emotional stress on the skin. Prescriptions are tailored to each individual patient according to their specific symptoms.”

When I explain constitutional prescribing I say that Doctors prescribe for the condition itself and mention I mention the dis-sease eczema. Here medical doctors tend to prescribe a cream and if it is anything other than an emollient like E45, Aveno, Double base etc. the cream/ointment e.g. cortisone/steroids, could be suppressive. If suppressive us homeopaths believe that the dis-sease on the skin i.e. eczema, will go to a deeper organ i.e. the lungs where it will cause a more life threatening dis-sease i.e. asthma. Stated more simply, how many kids do you know where when their eczema on the skin is suppressed by medication they start with asthma which is not a healthy thing especially when the asthma is treated with steroid inhalers!! (Ventolin is not as bad as all it does is open the airways!). A skin complaint like eczema shows the body is healthy enough to get rid of the toxins. A homeopath will look at the whole picture and prescribe for the whole person internally to remove the skin complaint from the inside out.

EFT news this month. Last week I carried out a workshop at a local primary school for the teachers to show them how EFT can be used to alleviate stress and anxiety, phobias and pain plus everything else for work and home situations. It was very well received according to the Head Teacher and they have all been “tapping” away every since. If you would like me to conduct an hour’s workshop at your place of work please do get in touch with me. My motto is that a Healthy, Happy, Painfree Workforce is a More Productive Workforce.

Have a great June and let’s hope the sun shines!!

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Some of the books that you may find useful as a newcomer to homeopathy include:

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The best place to find information regarding homeopathy in the UK on the web is probably Homeopathy Home. It contains an inexhaustible amount of links, reading, medical papers, qualified homeopathic practitioners in your area and all the up-to-date information regarding the world of homeopathic therapy that you could need.

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